XVII International conference

"Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry"

in the name of V.N. Danilenko

October, 2025


      International conference "Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry" ("PASR") is organized by the group of companies, activities of which are the registration and measurement of the ionizing radiation.


      The main conference purposes are an experience exchange, making acquaintance with the nowadays state and development tendencies of the nuclear instrumentation industry, metrology and methodology, the software and normative base in the field of the practical spectrometry, radiometry and dosimetry.


      The problems of applied spectrometry are discussed  in the following areas:

  • atomic energetics;
  • ecological monitoring and environment protection;
  • scientific research;
  • medicine and biology;
  • X-ray fluorescent and radiometric analysis;
  • metrology;
  • legal aspects of the radiating safety.


     The conference program includes verbal and stand reports, discussions, an exhibition of the equipment, program and methodical products. The reports presented in the thesis form are published by the conference beginning.

     Conference abstracts should be presented in Microsoft Word format, usually - 4 000 signs, maximum - 10 000 signs. Report duration - 20  minutes (15 for report, 5 for answers). Presentation - PowerPoint format.  

Main purpose

Acquaintance with the nowadays state and development tendencies of nuclear instrumentation, metrology and methodology



Direct contact with managers and leading specialists of manufacturers of measuring instruments, software and methodological support for a wide range of purposes


Leading companies in the field of registration and measurement of ionizing radiation


          Why is it important to take part in PASR?

  • Direct contact with the heads of Russian and foreign companies - manufacturers of a wide range of measuring instruments, software and methodological support for measuring the parameters of ionizing radiation;

  • Development of business relations and mutually beneficial cooperation;

  • The best reports are published  in "ANRI" journal, included in the "List of leading scientific journals and publications in the Russian Federation" (since 2015 the journal has been included in the international abstract database and citation system ChemicalAbstracts);

           The conference allows professionals to share their latest achievements and practical experience with the participants, to discuss the prospects for further development. Beginners can get acquainted with the current state of affairs in the field of practical spectrometry, radiometry and dosimetry, get knowledge that will be certainly useful to them in their future work.


           Subject matter of PASR-2025:

    • development and use of equipment, software, methodological and metrological support of measurements of ionizing radiation;
    • standardization of radiation protection devices;
    • accounting and control of nuclear materials;
    • methods for characterization of radioactive waste of different morphology with the purpose of categorization during decommissioning of nuclear- and radiation-hazardous sites;
    • control of technological processes at NPPs and enterprises;
    • radiation monitoring and environmental protection;
    • scientific researches using nuclear physics methods;
    • legal aspects of radiation safety. 


    The conference has no permanent address. It took place in Mendeleevo, Dubna, Kazan, Riga, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

    During the last years it has become a tradition to hold it in the beginning of October.

    “RITVERC” is the organizer of PASR-2025.


    Conditions of participation

    The cost of participation of one specialist in the conference (registration fee *) is 45,000 RUR.

    * The registration fee includes: participation in all meetings, 2 coffee breaks, opening cocktail, lunches, gala dinner, publication of abstracts


    In the case of booking a room with the aid of “LSRM” the cost of living per day with breakfast is:

    • 7300 RUR / person in a single room,
    • 4100 RUR / person in a double room.

    Check-in at the hotel is after 14.00 of October 13, check-out is until 12.00 of October 17.



    You can book a room in other hotels by yourself.  

    Important dates.

    • September 11                                           deadline for abstract submission
    • October 13                10.00 – 11.00        registration of participants
    • October 13                 11.00                    Conference opening
    • October 14-16            10.00 – 18.00      work of the Conference, reports of participants
    • October 16                 18.00                    gala dinner and closing of the Conference
    • October 17                 before 12.00        departure
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